Start of the 2016 Season

Start of the 2016 Season

Dear Fellow Member,

Once again the start of a new golf season is upon us and it is time to get the Club off and running.  The general membership meeting for the Club will be held Saturday April 9 at 2PM in the grillroom of the West Sayville Golf Course.  Our first day of play will be April 16.  Dues for this season will be the same as last year, $250 for returning members and $275 for new members ($250 + $25 one-time initiation fee).  Membership fees for returning members must be paid no later than April 9.

An application for new membership is enclosed along with a renewal application.  New membership applications will not be considered without payment.  Checks will be returned to any new applicants that cannot be accommodated.  It is very important that new applicants attend the meeting.  New members can learn more about the club on our website: Remember to check your Green Key for expiration and to renew it prior to the start of the season if necessary.

Yours truly,

Jim Lehane

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